Startups are innovating the way people do business

So we took a long hard look at how startups work and how we can be more like them. Enter ES Disrupt, a game-changing product born from what startups actually want. No hourly costs, no reams of paper, just passionate advisors who want to work with cutting-edge companies like yours.

We focus on what is important to you

We know that a day to a startup can feel like a week and that things happen so much quicker when you’re developing. That’s why we’ve streamlined as much as possible to get stuff done faster, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Startups are disruptive, commercially-minded companies that just don’t want to break the bank on legal advice. That’s why we’ve put together subsidised prices to give you great value for money. We’ve also done away with hourly rates, and put together one-time costs to give you certainty. These are documents that you can rely on, as they're tailored to you and your company in a way that free online templates aren't.

In a nutshell, we’ve changed the game to make legal as start-up friendly as possible, without compromising your legal position.

For us, working with startups is a great chance to learn as well as earn. We have a genuine passion for innovation and want to know about how startups are changing the way people do business. ES Disrupt is a platform for us to help get to know startups better and what it is you need.

We want to showcase how great startups are, so get in touch, no costs or strings attached. We're happy to chat about any issue you may have, big or small.

Meet the team

Jocey Nelson

Disrupt Lead

Charlotte Walker-Osborn

Head of TMT

Sue Chick


Catherine Smith

Communications and marketing

Sophie Llewhelin


Victoria Pickard

Project Management

Sarah Chatburn

Business development and marketing

Dean Andrews

Tax Lead

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Eversheds Sutherland has always been in the habit of innovating.

In 2016, the firm announced it was launching an Innovation Challenge, sponsored by its CEO, and as part of the challenge any employee could pitch an idea to make ES more innovative.

The winning idea, from trainee solicitor Jocey Nelson, was to build on the startup work ES already does by developing a dedicated offering to startups and scale ups in their earliest stages. Having worked in a tech incubator previously, Jocey saw first-hand how receiving no or poor legal advice drastically affected a startup company’s chances of success. With the Innovation Challenge, Jocey was able to build upon the solid foundation ES’Tech, Media and Telecoms’ lawyers had created, and develop a product that can further assist startups to get the legal support they need.

Jocey was awarded first prize, plus the opportunity to develop her vision with a crack-team of legal experts within ES who not only work with smaller businesses but also with many multinationals around the world. Since September 2016, this dedicated project team has gone back to basics to create a whole new way of providing legal services. ES Disrupt is the fruits of that labour – an MVP built as a startup for startups, that aims to develop and disrupt the legal industry by shaking up how we offer our services.

ES Disrupt continues to grow, and every client, user and commentator shapes how we do that. Please let us know how we’re doing, and watch out for our full launch coming later this year. We hope to keep surprising you with how we can make legal advice simpler and better value.

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